ACBC Support

The Australian WYD Committee was established in 2002 under the auspice of the Bishops Committee for Laity (now BCPL). In 2005 the committee established an operating budget through the inclusion of a pilgrim contribution. The committee was disbanded for WYD 2008 and re-established for WYD 2011. The Australian WYD Committee is now an on-going committee, reviewed between each WYD, providing advice to the Delegate for Youth regarding WYD.

The Australian World Youth Day Committee contributes to the WYD Project through five task group areas:

Areas of Responsibility

  1. 1.Promote national identity, understanding and approach to WYDs, by facilitating initiatives to:
    1. Foster Australian identity and cohesion;
    2. Research and evaluate WYD Impact;
    3. Collaboration and Information sharing.
  2. 2.Assist WYD Pilgrimage Coordinators to organise and manage pilgrimages to WYD, by providing adaptive resources in the areas of:
    1. Promotion and Media;
    2. Pastoral Formation.
    3. Policy & Procedures;
    4. Pilgrimage Planning and Management;
  3. 3.Advise and Assist the Bishop’s Delegate for Youth and the ACBC Office for Youth in the identification and management of:
    1. National communications and briefings;
    2. the Official ACBC Tour Operator’s provision of service;
    3. Areas of strength and challenge of the WYD Project;
    4. The Pilgrim Support Fund.

The Australian WYD Committee is chaired by Ms Selina Hasham. Selina is the Communications Manager within the Archdiocese of Sydney and has been involved in Australia’s WYD journey over the past 18 years. Committee members come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences including diocese, movements, schools and experts in specialist areas of responsibility.