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To assist with preparations over the coming months, a series of National Briefing Days have been arranged for WYD Pilgrimage Group Coordinators. These days will include updates on planning both locally and from Krakow, and provide an opportunity for networking and sharing.

All National Briefing Days are held in Sydney, at the Pollding Centre, 133 Liverpool St Syndey. RSVP is essental wyd@catholic.org.au

September 9th & 10th      Pilgrimage Coordinators Briefing Day –Sydney

March 10th                        Pilgrimage Coordinators Briefing Day – Sydney

June 16th                          Pilgrimage Coordinators Briefing Day– Sydney

September 7th                 Pilgrimage Coordinators Briefing Day – Sydney

 Live Streaming
This WYD we are making a particular effort of make the briefings available for the those who either can’t make it or want to share the information more broadly with their leadership teams (which we strongly encourage).
XT3 are supporting the National Briefing Days with the Live streaming. http://www.xt3.com/live/
During the Live streaming there will be a chat function where we will monitor any questions  that need to be put to the presenters. We will also be providing important links to an online survey during our evaluation time.