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Journey to the City of Mercy - Six Session PIlgrim Prayer Resource

As we journey towards World Youth Day, 2016, we will join together with other pilgrims from around Australia who are preparing to head to Krakow. Unlike other trips that we might have been on, heading on a pilgrimage challenges us to prepare not only practically – what clothes to pack, what currency we’ll need, and what power adaptors we might require in a foreign country – but also spiritually as well.

The Australian World Youth Day 2016 prayer has been written to give all Australian pilgrims the opportunity to join together in prayer in the lead up to, and during, World Youth Day 2016. The reflections in this preparation book have been written to help guide you through each section of the prayer as part of your spiritual preparation. For each section, the book includes an opening prayer, Scripture passages and a reflection, all of which can be used for further reflection in the context of your own World Youth Day pilgrimage group. It is designed as a guide only and should be adapted to the needs of your own group.

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Pilgrim Formation Videos

XT3 spent time with Pilgrimage Coordinatoirs in Poland in June 2015. In the lead up to WYD next year regular video blog will be posted for pilgrim preparation and formation about many aspects of Poland and pilgrimage.

Blog 1 - How to pronounce the WYD
host city's name.

Blog 2 - A pilgrim's guide to Warsaw.

 Blog 3 - Wow a Polish Pope.
 Blog 4 - A PIlgrims Guide of Czestochowa.

Blog 5 - Vincent Haber Reflects on Visiting
Our Lady of Czestochowa

 Blog 6 - Pilgrims Guide to Kalwaria Zbrzydowska



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