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Local Celebrations Resources

The World Youth Day journey is not just for those who are lucky enough to get on the plane and walk the road to the WYD Host City. World Youth Day is bigger than that, a true world celebration. It is not possible for all young people of the world travel across the globe, but it is all young people for which Pope Francis grants the invitation to journey, as Church.

Local Celebrations form a unique and important part of this journey, whether it be for families of pilgrims travelling to share in their journey but most importantly to all young people in their local faith communities to share the message of Christ and the special message from the vicar of Christ directed to young people, at this time, into their own situation and into their hearts.

Below are some resources, that will build over the course of WYD preparations, to look at different opportunities to draw young people in their local faith communities together to share in the journey of youth from across the globe.

Engaging the whole community resources and ideas below are for parishes and faith communities to help them be part of the World Youth Day experience to pray with and for travelling pilgrims and engaging those staying at home. 


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  • Prayer pledges
  • Pilgrim Commissioning
  • World Youth Day Pilgrim Blessing
  • Pilgrim Profiles
  • Local celebrations
  • Stay at home pilgrim ideas
  • Ideas for a local sleep out and vigil

An important element for local celebrations, and following the events of WYD is the live streaming provided by Xt3