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In the lead up to WYD Panama, this section of the website will grow to include resources in the areas of  Logistical preparation, Policy, Promotion, Australian Identity, and Pastoral. Here are a few resources to get you started:

To become a Pilgrimage Coordinator and lead a group to WYD email

Days in the Diocese

Days in the Diocese is a program associated with WYD run by the dioceses of the host country. It is an opportunity to engage with a local diocese and have a cultural and religious exchange over several days prior to the World Youth Day week. Days in the Diocese is anticipated to be hosted beyond just Panama, in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and possibly Columbia.  More information on this will be available soon.

Mission Opportunities
The Hosting of World Youth Day in Central America offers groups the opportunity to include mission encounter and or work as part of their itinerary. This was an outstanding and powerful experience for groups who participated in similar opportunities in conjunction with WYD Rio.

WYD 2019 - Briefing Day Resources

Formation - WYD Research Informing Planning Part 1 Pilgrimage Coordinator: Putting the Patchwork together
Formation - WYD Research Informing Planning Part 2  Formation - Pilgrimage: To leave one's home
Formation -  Latin America Faith & Culture  Formation -  Mary with Bishop Mark Edwards OMI

WYD 2016 Useful Resources

 Formation - Bishop Columba MacBeth Green  Panel Discussion - Pilgrimage Coord and Tour Directors Role
Mental Health: Pre, During and Post Pilgrimage Panel Discussion - Risk Mitigation: Before and During Pilgrimage