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"Journey to the city of mercy" is a tag line we'll be using through the promotion of the Australian Pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. Krakow is the home of Divine Mercy. It is where Sr Faustina, in the years between the great wars, first encounter Christ and his call for mercy. This important element at the heart of the faith of the city lead to the theme "Blessed are the merciful; for they shall receive mercy" Mt 5:7.
The above text uses very specific elements to bring to life this message which we have used through out our promotional material. With the J you will find Jesus of the Divine Mercy and within the M, Mary from the WYD icon. The Text treatment embraces the theme colours for Krakow WYD and Divine Mercy. The red signifies Jesus saving blood and the Blue Gods merciful love, embodied in Mary.
With the J, and the cross bar creating a cross introduces a symbol that St John Paul often used to signify the devotion to Jesus through Mary. It can be found on his coat of arms and was also placed on his coffin. The cross combined with the M represents Mary standing at the foot of the cross. A version of the Cross and M is also found on the back of Miraculous medals.

Australian Promotional Video 
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Prayer Cards
The WYD Committee in Krakow have produced a beautiful prayer for the preparation of World Youth Day. To complement this prayer we have composed an Australian Prayer for pilgrims, developed from one of the final the lines, in the Krakow prayer, "transform our hearts".
The Australian prayer develops this as a way to begin the pilgrimage to World Youth Day now. We are being called to celebrate God's love and mercy at World Youth Day, so now we take the time to begin to cultivate mercy in our lives so that our eyes, ears,tongues,hands, feet, and hearts may be transformed along the journey to the city of mercy.


WYD Krakow Prayer Card    Aussie WYD Prayer Card