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Cosmos has been appointed the role of Official ACBC Tour Operator for WYD Panama 2019
See Media Release - March 30, 2017

‘I know Cosmos will again be of great assistance in managing the logistical needs of our pilgrimage in partnership with my brother Bishops and their local youth ministers. Building on their World Youth Day experience in Krakow they will a provide comprehensive infrastructure to support us on this important faith journey” said Archbishop Anthony.

As Official Tour Operator Cosmos is accountable for a variety of logistical tasks, which include:

  1. PILGRIM BOOKINGS/REGISTRATION - Coordinate a comprehensive registration and management system allowing the collection of required travel information, WYD registrations and Group information and processes.
  2. REPORTING - Provide comprehensive reporting across the required management bodies and pilgrimage groups.
  3. FINANCES - Ensure an affordable, fair and accountable pricing and financial structure to the project.
  4. PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AND AGREEMENTS - Ensure professional standards and practices are in place for safe, secure and ethical operation.
  5. ON THE GROUND SUPPORT - Provide support during the delivery of services to ensure the smooth operation and safety of all groups and pilgrims
  6. TRAVEL LOGISTICS - Coordinate and deliver a comprehensive travel strategy and operation, ensuring appropriate preparation, information, and resources are provided to groups.
  7. PROMOTION - Provide a comprehensive outline of travel details and inclusion, and work collaboratively to provide promotional materials, to help communicate and promote participation in WYD
  8. PILGRIM SERVICES - Provide comprehensive details of bookings and inclusions, and immediate notification of changes and regular updates, to individual pilgrims.
  9. EVENT MANAGEMENT - Ensure comprehensive project management incorporating preparatory research, scalability and flexibility of services, and addressing of key organisational ethos.